PSI Tips for Preparing for the License Examination

The following suggestions will help you prepare for your examination:

Only consider the actual information given in the question, do not read into the question by considering any possibilities or exceptions.

Planned preparation increases your likelihood of passing.

Start with a current copy of this Candidate Information Bulletin and use the examination content outline as the basis of your study.

Read study materials that cover all the topics in the content outline.

Take notes on what you study. Putting information in writing helps you commit it to memory and it is also an excellent business practice.

Discuss new terms or concepts as frequently as you can with colleagues. This will test your understanding and reinforce ideas.

Your studies will be most effective if you study frequently, for periods of about 45 to 60 minutes. Concentration tends to wander when you study for longer periods of time.

Now you can take the practice examination online at to prepare for your Kentucky Real Estate Examination.

Please note that practice examinations are intended only to help testing candidates become familiar with the general types of questions that will appear on a licensing examination for the general portion. They ARE NOT a substitute for proper education and study. Furthermore, scoring well on the practice exam does not guarantee a positive outcome on an actual licensing examination.

Note: You may take the practice examinations an unlimited number of times; however, you will need to pay each time.

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