PSI General Portion Content Outline – Transfer of Title

IX. Transfer of Title (Salesperson 8%; Broker 7%)

A. Title Insurance

  1. What is insured against
  2. Title searches, title abstracts, chain of title
  3. Marketable vs insurable title
  4. Potential title problems and resolution
  5. Cloud on title, suit to quiet title (BROKER ONLY)

B. Deeds

  1. Purpose of deed, when title passes
  2. Types of deeds and when used
  3. Essential elements of deeds
  4. Importance of recording

C. Escrow or closing; tax aspects of transferring title to real property

  1. Responsibilities of escrow agent
  2. Prorated items
  3. Closing statements/TRID disclosures
  4. Estimating closing costs
  5. Property and income taxes

D. Special processes

  1. Foreclosure
  2. Short sale

E. Warranties

  1. Purpose of home or construction warranty programs
  2. Scope of home or construction warranty programs

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