PSI Exam Taken by Computer


The examination will be administered via computer. You will be using a mouse and computer keyboard.

You will be directed to a semiprivate testing station to take the examination. When you are seated at the testing station, you will be prompted to confirm your name, identification number, and the examination for which you are registered.

Before you start your examination, an introductory tutorial is provided on the computer screen. The time you spend on this tutorial, up to 15 minutes, DOES NOT count as part of your examination time. Sample questions are included following the tutorial so that you may practice answering questions, and reviewing your answers.

The “Function Bar” at the top of the test question provides mouse-click access to the features available while taking the examination.

One question appears on the screen at a time. During the examination, minutes remaining will be displayed at the top of the screen and updated as you record your answers.

IMPORTANT: After you have entered your responses, you will later be able to return to any question(s) and change your response, provided the examination time has not run out.


PSI, in cooperation with the Kentucky Real Estate Commission, will be consistently evaluating the examinations being administered to ensure that the examinations accurately measure competency in the required knowledge areas. While taking the examination, examinees will have the opportunity to provide comments on any questions. Comments may be entered by clicking the Comments link on the function bar of the test question screen.

These comments will be analyzed by PSI examination development staff. PSI does not respond to individuals regarding these comments, all substantive comments are reviewed. This is the only review of examination materials available to candidates.

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