PSI Description of Examinations

Examination Summary (Section, Points, Time Allowed to Take Exam)

Sales Associate Examination

General Portion 80 Points (150 Minutes); State Portion 50 Points (90 Minutes); Both 130 Points (240 Minutes)

Broker Examination

General Portion 80 Points (150 Minutes); State Portion 50 Points (90 Minutes); Both 125 Points (240 Minutes)

The salesperson and broker examination is divided into two (2) portions: general and state. Candidates who pass one (1) portion of the examination and fail the other need to retake only the section failed. However if you don’t pass both portions within 4 months from passing the portion, you must take both portions again.


A small number of “experimental” questions (i.e., 5 to 10) may be administered to candidates during the examinations. These questions will not be scored and the time taken to answer them will not count against testing time. The administration of such unscored, experimental questions is an essential step in developing future licensing exams.

The examination content outlines have been prepared and are periodically updated by committees of professionals who are subject matter experts in real estate practice, real estate instruction, and regulatory issues. The examination content outlines these professionals have prepared identify areas of importance to licensees in order for them to perform their duties to the public in a competent and legally responsible manner.

Use the outline as a guide for pre-examination review course material. The outlines list the topics that are on the examination and the number of questions for each topic. Do not schedule your examination until you are familiar with the topics in the outline

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