KRS 324.330 Change of Location, Firm Name, Surname

(1) Notice in writing shall be given to the commission by each licensee of any change of principal business location, a change of firm name, sales associate’s transfer from one (1) principal broker to another, or a change of surname.

The commission shall issue a new license for the unexpired period and shall charge the fee as provided in KRS 324.287(7) for effecting the change on its records.

This section shall apply to both brokers and sales associates.

(2) The commission shall be notified in writing of a change of a residence address within ten (10) days.

(3) A fee shall be assessed for certification of a licensee’s status with the commission.

(4) The commission shall, by the promulgation of administrative regulations, require all licensees to file with the commission, at biennial renewal, their telephone numbers and, if applicable, their electronic mail addresses.

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