KRS 324.150 Investigation of Licensee- Disciplinary Actions- Emergency Hearings

(1) (a) The commission or its staff may on its own initiative investigate the actions of any licensee or any person who acts in that capacity.

On the verified written complaint of any person, the commission shall investigate the actions of any person who assumes to act in that capacity, if the complaint, together with any evidence presented in connection with it, alleges a prima facie case that a violation set out in KRS 324.160 has been committed.

After the investigation, the commission may order a hearing and, in appropriate cases, take disciplinary action against any licensee who is found in violation of KRS 324.160.

(b) The commission may conduct an emergency hearing when alleged escrow account violations warrant emergency action. The commission shall promulgate administrative regulations to describe the specific circumstances and allegations that authorize emergency action. The emergency hearing shall be conducted in accordance with KRS Chapter 13B, as it relates to emergency orders and emergency hearings.

(2) To investigate allegations of practices violating the provisions of this chapter, the commission may: (a) Issue subpoenas to compel attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers, documents, or other evidence;
(b) Administer oaths;
(c) Review evidence;
(d) Enter the office or branch office of any principal broker for the purpose of inspecting all documents required by the commission to be maintained in the principal broker’s office or branch office which relate to the allegations of practices violating the provisions of this chapter;
(e) Examine witnesses; and
(f) Pay appropriate witness fees.

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