KRS 324.090 Expiration of License

Fine for failure to renew on time — Expired status.

(1) Licenses shall expire biennially and shall be renewed every two (2) years on the date determined by the commission by administrative regulation. The commission shall renew a license for two (2) years, in the absence of any reason or condition which might warrant the refusal of the granting of the license, upon receipt of the written request of the applicant and payment of the biennial fees required.
A new license shall be mailed only if the licensee’s name, address, status, or affiliation changes.

(2) A fine not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200) shall be assessed for failure to renew on time before a new license is issued. Failure to receive a renewal form shall not constitute an adequate excuse for failure to renew on time nor shall failure of the mail.

(3) Any license not renewed at the end of the biennial license period as prescribed by the commission shall automatically revert to expired status. An expired license may be reactivated before a lapse of one\ (1) year, if delinquent fees are paid by the licensee.

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