KRS 324.085 Continuing Education Requirements- Post Licensure Education Requirements- Qualifications of Instructors

(1) (a) All actively licensed agents, except those licensees exempt under KRS 324.046(5) and those licensees satisfying the educational requirement in subsection (2) of this section, shall successfully complete twelve (12) classroom or online hours of continuing education for the biennial license period. Six (6) of the twelve (12) hours shall be completed in the first year of the biennial license period or the license shall be automatically cancelled.
(b) Six (6) of the twelve (12) hours of continuing education shall be in real estate law.
(c) A licensee may accumulate additional continuing education hours for the biennial period in the first year of the biennial term.
(d) Six (6) of the twelve (12) hours of continuing education may be in real estate related courses approved by the commission and other real property boards pursuant to KRS Chapters 324A and 330 and KRS 198B.700 to 198B.738.

(2) A licensee who is issued an initial sales associate license after January 1, 2016, shall
complete forty-eight (48) classroom or online hours of commission-approved postlicense education:
(a) Provided by one (1) or a combination of the following:

  1. An accredited institution; or
  2. A commission-approved:
    a. Real estate school; or
    b. Broker-affiliated training program; and
    (b) Within two (2) years of receiving or activating his or her license unless extended by the commission for good cause shown.

    (3) The license held by any licensee failing to complete his or her sales associate post-license education requirements in accordance with subsection (2) of this section shall be automatically canceled, in accordance with administrative regulations establishing compliance and delinquency procedures.

    (4) The commission shall promulgate administrative regulations to establish procedures for implementing the requirements in this section.

    (5) In order to qualify to teach continuing education or post-license courses, all continuing education and post-license instructors shall maintain a minimum rating as prescribed by the commission by the promulgation of administrative regulations.
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