KRS 324.030 Exceptions to KRS 324.020

KRS 324.020(1) and (2) shall not apply to:

(1) Any person who as owner or lessor performs any of the acts defined in KRS 324.010 with reference to property owned or leased by him or to his regular employees, with respect to the property so owned or leased, if the acts are performed in the regular course of, or as an incident to, the management of the
property and the investment
in it;

(2) Any person acting as attorney in fact under a duly executed power of attorney from the owner authorizing the final consummation by performance of any contract for the sale, leasing, or exchange of real estate;

(3) Any attorney-at-law who is performing his duties as attorney-at-law;

(4) Any receiver, trustee in bankruptcy, administrator, or executor, person selling real estate under order of any court, or a trustee acting under a trust agreement, deed of trust, or will or the regular salaried employees thereof;

(5) A person engaged in property management, if the person:
(a) Is a regular employee of the owner or principal broker of the company engaged in property management; or
(b) Receives as his primary compensation the use of a rental unit; or

(6) A nonlicensed person under the supervision of a licensed real estate broker who contacts the public for the purpose of setting an appointment for the broker to meet with them regarding buying or selling property and giving out general public information specifically authorized by the broker.

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