KAR 11:210 Post-License Education Compliance and Delinquency

Section 14
(1) The time requirements established by KRS 324.085(2) and this administrative regulation shall be extended by the commission for good cause shown, such as a true hardship, extensive medical issues for the licensee or the licensee’s immediate relative, active military duty or service, or other good cause that clearly warrants relief.

(2) The license of a licensee who fails to complete his or her post-licensing education on or before the licensee’s deadline shall be automatically cancelled the following day.
(3) A license of a licensee cancelled for post-license education deficiency may not be reactivated until all delinquent post-licensing education is complete.

(4) A license cancelled for post-license education deficiency shall be subject to the provisions of KRS 324.160(2).

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