KAR 11:210 Mandatory Continuing Education

Section 11
(1) An active licensee, licensed by the commission on or after June 19, 1976, shall comply with the requirements of KRS 324.085(1) by attending and successfully completing six (6) hours of continuing education courses sponsored or approved by the commission each year. Three (3) of the hours of continuing education shall be in law, and three (3) of the hours of continuing education may be electives.

(a) An active licensee shall complete the continuing education requirements consistent with KRS 324.085(1) no later than December 31 of the first year in the renewal cycle. An active licensee shall receive continuing education credit for any approved course completed on or before December 31, if the education provider has reported the licensee’s course completion to the commission before 11:59 p.m. on December 31 consistent with 201 KAR 11:170, Section 6(3).

(b) An active licensee who fails to complete his or her continuing education requirement shall have his or her license cancelled and be ineligible to renew if the licensee has not completed the continuing education required by KRS 324.085(1) and this administrative regulation.

(2) An active licensee’s annual mandatory continuing education requirement shall not be satisfied by the completion of a pre-license course.

(3) A candidate shall not submit completion of the same continuing education course more than once for licensure credit in the same calendar year.

(4) A licensee shall not receive credit for more than nine (9) hours of continuing education in a calendar day.

(5) A licensee shall not receive credit for a course if the licensee arrives more than ten (10) minutes after the scheduled start of the course or after the conclusion of any break during the course.

(6) An active licensee shall attend a commission-approved core course once every four (4) years, with the first four (4) year cycle beginning from the year of initial licensure. The core course shall:
(a) Satisfy the licensee’s mandatory continuing education requirement for the year in which the course is taken; and
(b) Be a six (6) hour comprehensive review of the requirements of:

  1. KRS Chapter 324;
  2. 201 KAR Chapter 11;
  3. Common and federal law relating to real estate; and
  4. The standards of practice for a real estate licensee.

    (7) An active licensee who fails to complete Core in a year in which the licensee is required to complete Core, even if the licensee completed other continuing education, shall be subject to the delinquency procedures set forth in Section 13 of this administrative regulation.

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