KAR 11:190 Settlement by Informal Proceedings

Section 5
(1) At any time following the filing of a complaint and answer, the commission, through its legal counsel, may enter into informal settlement proceedings with a licensee for the purpose of expeditiously resolving any disciplinary matter.

(2)(a) The commission shall approve or reject all settlement proposals.
(b) Any matter to which a licensee and the commission’s legal counsel have stipulated that is rejected by the commission shall not thereafter bind the parties or the commission.

(3) The commission may employ mediation as a method of resolving the matter informally.

(4) All proposed agreed orders shall be signed by the licensee and shall advise the licensee that by entering into an agreed order, the licensee expressly acknowledges that the licensee is fully and completely informed of the due process rights afforded to the licensee and that the licensee knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily agrees to waive those rights and enter into an agreed order.

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