KAR 11:121 Affiliation

Section 7
(1) The principal broker shall be the owner of all written contracts for provision of real estate brokerage services, including items such as listing contracts, purchase contracts, and exclusive agency agreements.

(2) When a principal broker, or a licensee acting on behalf of the principal broker, enters into a written agreement with a client, an agency relationship is formed, and the client is the principal.

(3) Absent operating as a designated agency company, each licensee affiliated with the real estate brokerage company shall have the same agency relationship with respect to a client, prospective client, or party as the principal broker in an in-house transaction.

(4) If only one (1) broker is affiliated with a company, he or she shall be the principal broker.

(5) If one (1) or more additional licensees is affiliated with the company, one (1) broker shall be the principal broker registered with the commission.

(6)(a) Unless there is a written contract stipulating otherwise, a licensee shall, upon termination of his or her affiliation with his or her principal broker, immediately turn over to the principal broker all records described in Section 9(1)(a)-(h) of this administrative regulation obtained during his or her affiliation regardless of whether the information was originally received from his or her principal broker, copied from the records of the principal broker, or acquired by the licensee during his or her affiliation.

(b) Nothing in paragraph (a) of this subsection shall require an affiliated licensee to deliver to the principal broker records which the principal broker is not under an obligation to retain consistent with this administrative regulation or records which are already in the principal broker’s possession.

(7)(a) A principal broker may be principal broker of more than one real estate brokerage company.
(b) A principal broker shall not also be an affiliate broker at another real estate brokerage company, except for as provided in KRS 324.112(5).

(8) A sales associate or broker affiliated with a principal broker shall only be affiliated with one principal broker at one office, or branch office, location.

(9) A real estate brokerage company may have more than one (1) physical office location, including branch offices.

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