FBI Background Check- Fingerprinting A-Z

In order to obtain a Kentucky Real Estate License you will need to obtain an FBI background check. There are two methods, but the least expensive, quickest is the direct to FBI method. The following screenshots below will walk you through the important parts of the online application.

Step 1- Schedule a time to have your fingerprints taken by a local law enforcement official. Take blank fingerprint cards we sent with your welcome packet to appointment with law enforcement. When completed bring both cards home and fill out the online application from the FBI website.


Scroll down the the page and select Option 1 Electronically Submit Your Request to the FBI

You will need to submit your email address to receive a PIN code and link to begin.

You will use the pin number and email link in the email sent to you to continue with the request. Please note they suggest you use either Internet Explorer or Firefox. If you use another browser you may have difficulty in completing the online application.

You will then be given a couple of disclaimers. The 2nd disclaimer you must click an “I Accept” button before you will be able to continue.

In the first informational section, please fill out to the best of your ability and select “Personal Review” as the reason you are requesting.

Section 2 is mailing address information and Section 3 is Preferences. Make sure you select status notifications via email and no hard copy is needed. (Takes too long)

Near the end of the application you receive the mailing address to send in one completed fingerprint card to the FBI for scanning. Please send in an envelope that won’t be easily bent and make sure you have proof of sending in like via a tracking number. Cheapest way is to use USPS Priority Mail Envelope as the envelopes are free and it’s 2-3 day delivery.

Also need to read all the instructions beside the address to make sure you have not missed anything.

Last online step is to make an online payment.

After you receive confirmation of payment, just send in your completed fingerprint card and in 3-5 days look in your email for the FBI report. (Check Spam/Junk folder)

You’ll print out the report and send in to the KREC once you complete the PSI license exam and are submitting all your other required paperwork for a license. If there is nothing on your report, do not send in FBI background report without your test results/other paperwork.

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